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London Stedfast Association Brass Band & Concert Orchestra

This year has been a busy and interesting year for the Orchestra. Like many organisations like ours recruitment is a constant item for attention. The orchestra is largely based on families of adults and young people. This means that you recruit four or five and when they move on you lose four or five.

The current need is for Cornet, Trumpet, clarinet and flute. Any members who play these and other instruments are also welcome.

In the past year we have done charity concerts for CLIC Sargent, various church services, Lordship Land Baptist Church outreach, and at Rye Lane Baptist Church Easter Event and Demelza Children’s Hospice. Raising much needed funds for all. We also had the privilege to play at a promenade concert in Chandler’s Ford with our friends from the 1st Chandler’s Ford BB Brass Band. We are also grateful to them for the many time they have come to London to augment our numbers.

We would also welcome interest in either attending or playing from members of the LSA

Dennis D Hawkes


The London Stedfast Association Brass Band

The Brass Band was formed in February 2006 in order to provide seated concert style music and a band that could provide sacred music at various Church services. Brass Band music has always been a core activity of The Boys' Brigade, as evidenced by the BB National Brass Band Association, and we have always strived to support the current BB whenever, and wherever, possible.

We have played with the current BB at St. Paul's Cathedral and St. Brides Institute to celebrate 25 years of the London BB Massed Bugle bands, at the Historic Dockyard in Chatham to celebrate 25th Anniversary of the formation of London Stedfast Association and 125th Anniversary of the founding of the BB. At Chatham, we had a band of 80+ musicians from all over the UK and Republic of Ireland. We regularly performed at the London District BB Beating the Retreat at Chelsea Hospital.

We have played at various BB functions including to celebrate the formation of a new Company, at anniversaries of Companies such as 5th London and 16th London and to raise funds for a Company in South East London, the 155th, which was "rich in boys but poor in funds". We have also played at the sad occasion of the Closing & Laying Up of Colours for the 6th London which had been the second oldest Company in England.

Each year, we provide the musical accompaniment at the LSA Annual Service of Thanksgiving held at Wesley's Chapel, London.

The Brass Band continues to meet on a monthly basis at Wesley’s Chapel, City Road, London, EC1Y 1AU. We normally have 5 - 6 people turn up but more would be very welcome.

If you would like to come along please feel free to do so and we do have brass instruments for you to play if you do not have your own.

Finally, on behalf of the Brass Band, we thank Wesley’s Chapel for giving us a cupboard in which we can store our instruments. Thank you for your help..

Please do not hesitate to contact Mike Ford on any Brass Band matters by phone on 020 8464 0689, or email
Photo: LSA Brass Band 1
Photo: LSA Brass Band 2
Photo: LSA Brass Band 3


The London Stedfast Association Concert Orchestra

The Concert Orchestra stemmed from classes for anybody who wished to learn playing instruments with a view to moving up to the Brass Band. However, there was such an array of instruments that it progressed to be the Concert Orchestra.

Practises for the Concert Orchestra are held on a Friday evening at the North Peckham Baptist Tabernacle, Phillip Road, Peckham, SE15. These commence at 7 p.m. and finish at 9 p.m. The Orchestra has about 15 members and there are some brass instruments folk can play if they have not got their own.

A St. Cecilia’s Day concert for CLIC Sargent raised £250.12 between practise sponsorship, door collections and the tea & cakes stall. This was excellent as it was the Concert Orchestra's first performance on its own. No extra members were needed for this concert. The Concert Orchestra is constantly grateful to the Peckham Rye Tabernacle Baptist Church in Nigel Road for its hospitality and support. We had some excellent photographs taken by Peartree Pictures Photography - contact Ian on 07795 473 863 if you wish to obtain any photos.

On Sunday, 22nd December, the Concert Orchestra played at 2 events. The first was an open air service for the Peckham United Baptist Churches in the afternoon and, after enjoying a buffet at Peckham Rye Tabernacle Baptist Church, they played at the Candlelight Carol Service and during the refreshments afterwards.

There are plans for a concert in April to celebrate the first anniversary of the formation of the Concert Orchestra and an outdoor concert in the summer in conjunction with Spurgeon’s College.

If anyone would like to use us, please contact Mike Ford by email or telephone 020 8464 0689.
Photo: LSA Brass Band 6

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