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The LSA Bowlers Fellowship

Once again I regret to report that no matches either Outdoor (May to September 2016) or Indoor (October 2016 to April 2017) have been arranged or played due to previous lack of support. However, the Fellowship is still in good health with players still in contact and is also financially viable. We hope and pray that things will improve so we can be back to where we were.

John Boice
LSA Bowlers Fellowship Co-ordinator

NOTE: Come on all you bowlers out there, contact John so matches can be re-started. I know people that go to bowls who say how enjoyable it is plus meeting up with like minded people.

Photo: LSA Bowlers Fellowship 1
Photo: LSA Bowlers Fellowship 2
Photo: LSA Bowlers Fellowship 3
Photo: LSA Bowlers Fellowship 4

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